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Shabu Barzio
Shabu Barzio
Shabu Barzio
Shabu Barzio
Shabu Barzio

Shabu Barzio Barzio

Via Martiri Patrioti Barziesi, 4, 23816 Barzio

Price : less than 30€





  • Miso soup piccante3€
  • Ravioli di gambero9€
  • Avocado chips6€
  • Ceviche: crudité di salmone, cipolla rossa, sedano, pomodorini, songino, lime, olio d'oliva, sale, pepe10€

Main courses

  • Selezione di tartare dello chef14€
  • Seaweed roll: tofu, avocado, alghe wakame esterne, salsa teriyaki7€
  • Amazon roll: tartare di tonno, Philadelphia, avocado, carpaccio di tonno esterno, salsa teriyaki, salsa spicy, crunch11€
  • Temaki ebiten: gambero in tempura, salsa teriyaki5€
  • Kanpachi roll: ricciola in tempure, avocado, Philadelphia, carpaccio di mango, tartare di ricciola esterna, salsa teriyaki, crunch15€
  • Gunkan italiano: tonno, Philadelphia, pomodoro, pesto2€
  • Shoyu ramen: mais, zucchine, carote, maiale, cipollotto, chips di alga nori, uovo marinato, naruto11€
  • Tempura di gamberi e verdure10€


  • Mochi2€
  • Matchamisù7€

This menu above is provided for information purposes only. The restaurant can modify it according to the season and the creativity of the chef.


This restaurant has just become partner with Restopolitan, its description will be soon put online.

Practical information

Via Martiri Patrioti Barziesi, 4, 23816 Barzio

How to get there?


  • less than 30€

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